2019-20 Officers

  • Mike Green: President
  • Tiffany Wood: Secretary
  • Robin Mohr: Treasurer
  • Malory Sykes: Secretary
  • Stan Barnes: Trustee
  • Don Logan: Trustee


  • To encourage and assist young men and women to participate in the athletic program at Fremont Ross.
  • To cultivate and promote fellowship among the alumni and friends of Fremont Ross High School.
  • To assist and promote the interest and support the Fremont Ross Athletic program.
  • To assist in the development of the spiritual, mental, social and physical welfare of all people participating in athletic programs regardless of race, color or creed.


  • Inducted into the Fremont Ross Sports Hall of Fame on May 21st, 2016.
  • Received the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s “Respect the Game” award in 2006.

Past Presidents

  • Stan Barnes
  • Ken Bobay
  • Jim Brown
  • Scott Logan
  • Charles Cross
  • Mike Green
  • Steve Frazier
  • Jim Fitzgerald
  • Glen Haas
  • Larry Jackson
  • Tom Lewis
  • Don Logan
  • Dale Busdeker
  • Howard Longanbach
  • Tom Manahan
  • Bob Mosser
  • Stan Root
  • Denny Reinbolt
  • Dick Ritzman
  • Ed Smith
  • Robert Wetzel
  • Jim Woleslagel